Tetra TetraCichlid Sticks - 6.6 Pound Bucket

Tetra TetraCichlid Sticks - 6.6 Pound Bucket
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  • Item #: TS16622
  • Manufacturer: TETRA
  • Condition: New

Tetra TetraCichlid Sticks - 6.6 Pound Bucket

Tetra Cichlid Sticks float on water top for easy consumption by your pet fish. It comes with patented ProCare blend for enhancing your fish's health. This food is designed to be feed two to three times a day. It has concentrated nutrition for proper feeding of large fish.

  • Suitable for top water feeding !
  • Easy to use !
  • Delectable and nutritional !


Tetra Cichlid Sticks offer you ease of use as the food doesn't disintegrate easily. This feature not only reduces wastage but also keeps tank water clean.

A Closer Look: 

Tetra Cichlid Sticks contain wheat germ meal for boosting your fish's digestive system. It also contains Vitamin C for enhancing fish colors.

Made Specially for: Large cichlids, marine and fresh water fish.

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