THRIVE AQUATICS - Thrive 5 Strontium Refill Bag 600 ml

THRIVE AQUATICS - Thrive 5 Strontium Bottle 600 ml
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THRIVE AQUATICS Thrive 5 Strontium Refill Bag 600 ml

( 20.3 oz. )

* Highly concentrated strontium supplement for aquarium corals
* Increases strontium levels and coral growth in reef aquariums
* Great strontium source for SPS and LPS corals and coralline algae

This product is designed to increase strontium in your reef aquarium. Some reef aquariums will need supplementation of strontium for stony corals to thrive.

Strontium is used by both SPS and LPS corals in calcification.

This is one of the highest concentrations of strontium ever produced for your aquarium. 56,523 mg/kg


  • 600 ml


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