THRIVE AQUATICS - Thrive 3 Magnesium Bottle 600 ml

THRIVE AQUATICS - Thrive 3 Magnesium Bottle 600 ml
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THRIVE AQUATICS - Thrive 3 Magnesium 

 Bottle 600 ml  ( 20.3 oz. )

Maintain elevated calcium and alkalinity levels vital for healthy coral growth. Thrive Aquatics Thrive 3 Magnesium increases magnesium levels and corrects ionic imbalances in marine reef aquariums.

Magnesium prevents calcium from falling out of solution by maintaining the delicate balance between high levels of calcium and alkalinity.

Thrive 3 Magnesium is a saturated solution of magnesium chloride and magnesium sulfate formulated at 123,421 mg/kg. Each ml of Magnesium will increase the magnesium in 1 gallon of water by 32.6 ppm.

This highly concentrated magnesium supplement offers an eco-friendly choice by reducing packaging waste and is available in a fully recyclable aluminum bottle that can be refilled and reused. 

* Concentrated magnesium supplement for marine reef aquariums


* Increases aquarium magnesium levels and restores ionic balance


* Essential for reef aquariums with high alkalinity and calcium levels

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