THRIVE AQUATICS - Thrive 1 Alkalinity Refill Bag 600 ml

THRIVE AQUATICS - Thrive 3 Magnesium Bottle 600 ml
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THRIVE AQUATICS - Thrive 1 Alkalinity Refill Bag 600 ml  ( 20.3 oz. )

This product is designed to increase PH and Alkalinity in your marine aquarium.

 Most marine aquariums will need supplementation of alkalinity to maintain proper PH and thrive. 

Thrive's alkalinity and PH buffer is formulated at 9,656 dKH, which is a saturated solution of 99.8% pure carbonates, bicarbonates andd borate. 

This means you won't find this blend of buffers any stronger.

20.3 oz

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