TETRA Whisper EX20 Carbon Pads 4 pack Medium

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  • Item #: TS26331
  • Manufacturer: TETRA
  • Condition: New

TETRA Whisper EX20 Carbon Pads 4 pack Medium

4 pack of Medium Tetra Whisper Carbon filter replacement pads from Tetra

 Now a Carbon Filter as innovative as the Whisper EX Filtration System it's designed to fit !

Tetra Carbon Filters' layers of multi-density floss effectively trap even the smallest particulates while activated carbon rapidly eliminates odor, discoloration, impurities, and toxins. The results Water that's clear, healthy, and polished. Carbon Filters come ready-to-use and include one patented Timestrip change indicator for each Filter. 

Fits EX20 Tetra Filter

Course layer - Removes larger particulates

Activated Carbon - Rapidly removes odor, discoloration, impurities and toxins leaving your water clear, healthy and polished

Multi-density layer - Specially designed to capture a full range of particulates giving you unmatched water clarity !

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