MARINELAND HOT Magnum® 250 Canister Filter PRO
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MARINELAND HOT PRO SYSTEM Magnum® 250 Canister Filter with BIO WHEEL PRO 30 

HOT (Hang On Tank) Magnum® is an efficient, powerful, compact canister filter that is lightweight enough to hang directly on the back of your aquarium.

Because it is a Magnum, it comes feature-packed with the ability to convert with ease from a continuous duty mechanical and chemical utility filter, to a water polishing filter with micron filtration capability. Comes complete with a Carbon/Media Container and Water Polishing Micron Cartridge, and it is available in models with, and without BIO-Wheel wet/dry filtration. 

Marineland HOT Pro System Magnum Canister Filter and BIO-Wheel Pro 30

Complete kit includes the HOT Magnum Canister Filter, BIO-Wheel Pro 30, Rite-Size foam sleeve and Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon, reusable pleated Micron cartridge, Siphon Kleen Gravel Washer and connection kit, plus a Bio-Wheel Pro Wet/Dry filter. Sleek and silent as a jungle cat, the HOT Magnum is lightweight enough to hang directly on your aquarium, yet it does the heavy duty work of two complete filtration systems--perfect for everyday mechanical/chemical filtration and quick-clean water polishing. Its powerful self-starting pump silently directs a certified 250 gallons per hour through the advanced dual-flow core and sealed media--delivering total contact, total filtration, without bypass. Far superior to submerged media systems, the BIO-Wheel wet/dry biological filter eliminates toxic ammonia and nitrite far more efficiently than frames or foams or fluidized beds--far better than undergravel filters and other submerged biomedia. Each seven inch BIO-Wheel provides uniform air/water contact on 100% of the surface--9.39 miles of fiber. Beneficial bacteria are exposed to as much as 30,000 times more oxygen. More oxygen means more bacteria working many times harder (and many times faster) to keep your tank ammonia-free and sparkling.

 The HOT Magnum Canister Filter includes Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon.

Max Tank Size 55 gallons 


Flow Rate 250 GPH


Power Cord Length 6 ft.

3 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

UL Listed



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