API Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Freshwater Master Test Kit
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 Freshwater and Saltwater Solution Manufactured by Fritz Aquatics. 

Treats 236 gallons.


For infections of:  
  • Fin and Tail Rot
  • Popeye
  • Mouth fungus
  • Dropsy (swollen body, protruding scales) 
  • Ulcers
Maracyn® Plus contains two powerful antibiotics, Trimethoprin and Sulfonamide. Biospheres® products make use of a revolutionary technology that delivers the antibiotic directly to the fish. Multi-layered microspheres attach to the fish and break down one layer at a time releasing the antibiotics in a controlled regulated manner. A filming agent, Chitosan, which has a molecular structure similar to the natural mucous coat of a fish, seals the treatment in contact with the tissue surface. 


Maracyn® Plus is non-toxic to invertebrates. A slight reduction in biological activity will result from the use of Maracyn® Plus. After treatment, carry out a partial water change and add FritzZyme® bacteria culture to boost the biological filter. Normal biological activity will resume after Maracyn® Plus has been removed from the water. Partial water changes and fresh carbon in the filter are all suitable methods to remove Maracyn® Plus from the water.  


Special note on Maracyn® Plus


Maracyn® Plus should not be used in conjunction with any other antibiotic treatments. Complete the full treatment and carry out a partial water change before using another antibiotic. Because of the unique action of the microspheres contained in BioSpheres® liquid products, care should be used when combining Maracyn® Plus with medications from other sources. 


  •  Follow dosage directions as detailed on the product packaging


Do NOT use if fish have large wounds or are suffering from septicemia as Trimethoprim can lower blood platelets and use can be fatal in fish already suffering from such issues.

In such instances, API TRIPLE SULFA would be the better choice.

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