INSTANT OCEAN Lifeguard Saltwater ( 6 tabs )

INSTANT OCEAN Lifeguard Saltwater ( 6 tabs )
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INSTANT OCEAN Lifeguard Saltwater ( 6 tablets ) Multi Purpose Aquarium Medication - LG06 

 Instant Ocean Lifeguard Saltwater Is A Broad Spectrum Non Antibiotic Agent That Treats A Wide Range Of Marine Fish Deseases, Bacterial, Fungal, Viral And Parasitic. 

Active Ingredients:

All-In-One Marine Remedy Treats a broad range of Marine Fish Diseases: Bacterial, Fungal, Viral and Parasitic.

Instant Ocean Lifeguard Saltwater Is Effective Against Marine Ick & Oodinium. 

Not Suitable For Invertebrates Or Newly Set Up Aquariums.

 Some Macroalgae May Show Sensitivity. Use Only As Directed. Do Not Overdose. If Overdose Occurs, Add Carbon Or Dechlorinator As Directed For Immediate Neutralization. 

 Before Treatment, Remove Filter Carbon And Turn Off Uv Sterilizer. Add One Tablet Per Day To Each 10 Us Gallons Of Aquarium Water Using The Enclosed Treatment Apparatus. Use Treatment For 5 Consecutive Days, At 24-hour Intervals. For Best Results, After 5-day Treatment Is Complete, Wait 24 Hours (day 6), Then Return Activated Carbon And Turn On Uv Sterilizer. Perform A 25% Water Change Using A Dechlorinator And A Bacteria-enzyme To Condition Aquarium Water. To Treat Smaller Aquariums, Break Tablet Along Score Lines. Each 1/4 Tablet Treats 2-1/2 Us Gallons. 


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