COBALT Protein Skimmer Pump - Model 400-800 - 275 GPH

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  • Item #: COB48
  • Manufacturer: COBALT AQUATICS
  • Condition: New

COBALT Protein Skimmer Pump - Model 400-800 - CD-79561 


Compact, powerful, High Quality Italian-made water pump creates huge quantities of beneficial bubbles in your protein skimmer! These high quality, energy-efficient pumps feature a venturi and matched needle-wheel impeller designed together to maximize water and air mixture and ensure optimal bubble size in your protein skimmer.  

The 400-800 model features 1/2" Female threaded NPT fittings and a 275 PH flow rate.

*High-quality pumps designed for submersible use in saltwater aquariums

*Energy-efficient pumps include all accessories for optimal performance

These cool-running protein skimmer pumps are for submersible use only (up to 3 feet in depth) in saltwater aquariums or reef aquariums. Pump motor features a self-resetting thermal protector, should motor uncharacteristically overheat due to running pump dry.

 Plus, their compact size won't take up precious sump or aquarium space: 400-800 model measures only 4-3/4" x 2-5/8" x 3-1/4" high.


Cobalt Aquatics Protein Skimmer Pumps include all necessary accessories: intake screen, venturi, airline tubing for venturi with built-in air control valve, and a barbed fitting.



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