API Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Pondcare Wide Range pH Test Kit

API Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Freshwater DELUXE pH TEST KIT
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API Aquarium Pharmaceuticals  Pondcare Wide Range pH Test Kit

Help ensure your pond or water garden maintains a neutral pH level with this test kit.


 The kit contains 160 tests to help you accurately measure pH level and keep your fish safe and healthy.


Help maintain a healthy home for your underwater friends with this API Pond Car Wide Range pH Test Kit. Many factors can disrupt the pH level in your pond or water garden, making it unsuitable for the fish who live there. 


The kit includes 160 tests to help you accurately measure the pH level to help ensure the safety of your pond's inhabitants.


For use in ponds, water gardens and tap water.


Helps you accurately measure the pH level of water


Helps prevent the harmful effects of overly alkaline/overly acidic pond water resulting from minerals found in tap water, high ammonia levels in your pond, rain runoff or overstocking of pond fish


Reads pH levels from 5.0 – 9.0


Includes test solution, glass test tube with cap, colour chart and instructions


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